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Reminder: Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser
Good Morning,   I just wanted to send out a quick reminder...
Winter Programs Are Here!
Technical Programming One of the biggest ambitions of Sporting...
Fall Season is HERE!!
Hello Everyone, With the fall season beginning this week training...
Reminder: Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser

Good Morning,


I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that we will be hosting a Wine & Beer Fundraiser for the Middletown Youth Soccer, Middletown Magic, and SportingCT at Advanced SportsPlex Saturday Oct. 28th from 6pm - 10pm.  It will be a fun event with food from Wood-n-Tap and live music by Jeff Pitchell.  Tickets are $30 each.  A portion of each ticket will go to a scholarship fund for MYS and Sporting CT. To buy tickets online please click on the link below:



If you are unable to make it, please feel free to make a donation by purchasing a ticket. Every little bit counts. If you have any questions please feel free to email me zach@sportingct.com

by posted 10/18/2017
Winter Programs Are Here!

Technical Programming

One of the biggest ambitions of Sporting CT is to produce Technically Excellent young players capable of meeting the demands of the game at the highest level.

For 2017/18, we have once again created a menu of classes & clinics which will provide an optimal learning & training environment for 

Sporting CT Legacy Program


Ball Mastery

Speed Agility & Quickness 

Goalkeeper Training

All programs are available to both existing and non Sporting members with registration available via the website.

Please use this link to register:  REGISTER HERE

by posted 10/16/2017
Fall Season is HERE!!

Hello Everyone,

With the fall season beginning this week training and games as early as this weekend, I wanted to reach out and welcome everyone old and new, to the 2017/18 Sporting CT Experience.  In going through my documents offering 'Welcomes' & 'Hello's' I found this letter I had posted on this site in April of 2013.  When I look back at the letter, the message remains identical today as it did then.  I'll admit to adding a couple of things to bring the dates/seasons current, but overall the letter is largely unchanged.  So please share in the read and good luck to all as we train, compete and most importantly, represent Sporting CT on the field this fall.

-Jeremy Wilson

Hello Everyone,

As I was around the fields this weekend coaching and observing games, I was reminded of the excitement and enthusiasm of being a parent/fan at a youth sporting event.  I get a genuine thrill watching my son play.  I celebrate in watching his successes, agonize over his failures and share in his joy at victory or pain in defeat.  We all share in these experiences with our children, however our responsibility is to ultimately ensure the BEST possible experience for our kids.  Too often we (the adults) can get carried away and take our role as a sports parent too far.

Given the speed at which our program has grown and the sheer number of children we already have representing Sporting CT across all of our ages/teams, its important to realize that everyone, EVERYONE associated with our club - parents, coaches, players - have a responsibility to represent the club in the best manner possible.  Going forward, I would challenge everyone to observe the following code of conduct at our games.  Remember, the actions of one will impact the reputation of us all - positive or negative.

1. Please DO NOT coach from the parent sideline - the game belongs to the players.  The kids need the responsibility of making the decisions to influence the game.  Also, information may be different than what our staff is asking for and can confuse the players, slow them down and hinder success.
"The more we do for those we love the less they learn to do for themselves." - John Wooden

2. Please DO Cheer on our players - AND BE LOUD!  We want to encourage their effort and drive them on to success!  Songs, chanting cheering will make us a program to be remembered! 

3. Please DO NOT engage the opponents OR their fans - in trash talk or similar verbal exchanges.  Banter between friends is one thing, however going overboard, using profane or abusive language will not be tolerated.

4. Please DO support the players AND the game! 

5. Please DO NOT harass the referee - They will be upsetting 50% of the crowd whenever they make a decision.  Our job as the coaches is to manage them.  Again, profane, abusive language is unacceptable.  Also, at no time should ANYONE threaten or physically impose themself upon a referee.

6. Please DO remember that win, lose or draw, the point of our program is improvement and enjoyment! Have FUN!

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of staff, great groups of players, with very supportive & positive parents.  I truly believe that with your help we can create the most positive environment for learning & growth to be found anywhere.   I appreciate everyone's support of Sporting CT.  We are looking forward to a great year!

See you all on the field,

Jeremy Wilson
Director, Sporting CT


by posted 08/30/2017

Interested In Sporting CT?

Sporting CT is always looking for players who can contribute positively to our on-field success and off-field environment.  We pride ourselves on offering a development experience unlike anyone else in the area.  

To learn more about our program, or to arrange a visit/trial, please reach out to us at info@sportingct.com and one of our directors will get back to you promptly.

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